History of the Nairobi Railway


In 1898, the railway engineer designed the layout of Nairobi from the Central Rail station. This served as the middle stopover station for the Eastern African Railway.

The Kenya Railway Corporation in cooperation with the Nairobi City County Government and the Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure, Housing & Urban Development, has developed a plan for the Nairobi Central Railway Station and its surrounding areas into Nairobi Railway City

The Nairobi Integrated Urban Development Masterplan of 2014, provided a basic framework for the planning of Nairobi. The Masterplan adopts the concept of decentralizing activity and settlements from the Central Business District incorporating a subcentre system with bi-polar corridor development with 1 urban core, 8 junction subcentre plus 7 station subcentre.

From the spatial structure point of view, the Central Business District as 1 urban core has a vision “to realize a symbolic status as the centre of Kenya and a gateway to East Africa Region thereby strengthening the function of Nairobi City’s Central Business”.

With an aim of reinforcing the Central Business District function, the Nairobi Integrated Urban Development Masterplan suggests a Greater Central Business District concept. The Nairobi Integrated Urban Development Masterplan introduces the brief land use layout which expresses the idea of railway city as mixed use thereby addressing the Residential and Commercial function.

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